SSH Access to FreeBSD Live CD - Manual Install Purpose

FreeBSD installer provider simple installation from cd/usb to UFS / ZFS disk. How about configuring encryption or configuring EFI support for your installation? You should have access to console and do "partitioning-encrypting-installing" manually.

If you have direct access to console is no problem; but if you have access only to VNC and your/server connection is not good enough then all you have to do is setup ssh to Live CD mode then access it from remote.
First boot your PC/Server using FreeBSD USB/CDROM boot and choose Live CD; then doing login with username root without password.

fter login then activate dhcp on interfaces (ie: igb0) & mount /etc on unionfs  :
root@: ~ #  dhclient igb0
root@: ~ #  mkdir /tmp/etc
root@: ~ #  mount_unionfs   /tmp/etc /etc

Change root password & edit /etc/sshd_config and change PermitRootLogin to yes
root@: ~ #  passwd root
root@: ~ #  vi /etc/ssh/sshd_config

Last step is starting ssh access
root@: ~ # /etc/rc.d/sshd onekeygen
root@: ~ #  /etc/rc.d/sshd onestart

Done now you have ability to gpart / zpool / newfs than mount to /mnt.

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